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    The Snowflake Method Review

    At one of my writing club’s meetings, I introduced the snowflake method by Randy Ingermanson. Since then, I’ve been using this method to develop my first novel, loosely titled Charcoal Sky. I had previously written a few chapters with only a vague idea of where the story was going, but I felt that the rest of the story would come to me as I wrote. However, I got stuck on plot, character, and world-building, and I couldn’t figure out a solid ending. After learning about the snowflake method, I started the story from scratch and have since gotten through step 6. I’m much happier with the progress I’m making because my…

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    Sharks on the Water

    “Come back here, you hooligan!” Henry shook his fist in the air as he watched the fin slice through the water on a direct route away from the ship. “Lost another one.” He ran his fingers through his dark wavy hair and sighed.

  • Short Stories

    Best Man

    This wasn’t where he wanted to be.  How had it ended up like this?  All those years he had dreamed of being first, and somehow, incredulously, he had ended up in second place.  All eyes were on the winner, on his tall form, his pale skin, his dark, glinting eyes; his teeth gleaming in the bright sunlight whenever he chanced to spread that false smile across his face.  Ryan was shocked that in the presence of this prize winner, the sky remained a deep Southern blue instead of turning to black from rolling thunderclouds.

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    Story Prompts: The First Line

    This wasn't where he wanted to be. This wasn't where who wanted to be? What is this place? And why didn't he want to be there? A first line story prompt can open up endless possibilities for a creative piece. From this example, you could identify a protagonist, or perhaps an antagonist, and begin to explore the major conflict.

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