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Story Prompts: Music

Music can take our hearts places we’d never go on our own. If you find songs that you connect with emotionally, you can take advantage of the inspiration and pour those emotions into characters and plots.

Several of my story ideas have come from songs.  During one of the first times I listened to “When the World Stops Spinning” by Kyler England, a picture flashed through my mind of a girl wearing fur boots and crouching in a dark forest.  To pursue this idea and turn it into a story, I listened to all of the songs on Kyler’s Electric Hum album several times. The deep emotions and stories within the songs fed into my book idea and helped shape the relationship between my two main characters.

Recently, I listened to this song for inspiration again when I sat down to write a short story.  Without characters, plot, or theme, I hit the play button.  Then I typed the first line, and the next, and the story unfolded.  After going back and forth between song and story for three hours, I finished “A Secret in the River“.

Writing Challenge

Find a song that you connect with emotionally or that puts images in your mind of a character, theme, plot, or setting.  Then just start writing!  Once you’ve written your short story, leave a comment on this post with the name and artist of the song that inspired you. If you post your story online, leave the link for it, too!

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